Gondwana City art rooms

in Noumea

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Bringing the former Hotel Lutetia back to life in an original and unprecedented way: such was the desire of Savina and Sébastien, the co-managers of the GONDWANA hotels.

It is from this desire that the GONDWANA ART project was born, which was launched in October 2018.

Its concept : to invite New Caledonian artists to embellish the rooms of the Lutetia, with one main objective : to convey the values ​​of the hotel: ecology, authenticity, family and conviviality.

At the end of 3 days of work, no less than 24 rooms, veritable works of art, have been created.

Discover the rooms of our artists below.

ROOM 101

Valerie Berger

ROOM 102

Gracienne Koea

ROOM 103

Vicky Menard

ROOM 104

Jean Marie Ganeval

ROOM 105

Cabanas Anne Gaëlle

ROOM 106

Pascale Gery

ROOM 107

Marie Luneau

ROOM 108

Marie Bénédicte Gregorj

ROOM 201

I. Staron-Tutugoro

ROOM 202

Emanuel Gota

ROOM 203

Eléonore Forêt

ROOM 204

Louise Moreau

ROOM 205

Yann Skyronka

ROOM 206

Stéphane Foucaud

ROOM 207

Mathieu Venon

ROOM 208

Lucie Hoarau

ROOM 301

Boinreavo Wilfrid

ROOM 302

Miriam Schwamm

ROOM 304

Baben Veda

ROOM 305

Miriam Schwamm

ROOM 306

Kayen Caillou

ROOM 307


ROOM 308

June Pietra